The capstone experience of the early childhood education (ECE) program may be completed by one of two options: student teaching or an internship.

Student Teaching

Student teaching is a one-semester experience in which the students completes part of the student-teaching experience in either kindergarten or preschool and the other part in a primary grade (first, second, or third). Students with teaching minors are required to student teach in their teaching minor.


An internship is a full school-year experience in which the student is hired by one of BYU’s partnership school districts (Alpine, Jordan, Nebo, Provo City, and Wasatch County) to be the teacher in a kindergarten, first, second, or third grade classroom. (Kindergarten internships are not very common.)

Interns assume responsibility for organizing and teaching their own class, with an on-site mentor to assist with curriculum planning, classroom management, learning assessment, and professional acclimation.

As a contracted employee of the partnership district, the intern receives half of a regular teacher's salary plus benefits.

Because early childhood licensure requires student teaching in both a kindergarten or preschool setting and a primary grade setting, students who choose to do an internship will also need to complete a block of student teaching in the area in which they are not doing their internship. This student teaching is to be completed the spring term prior to their internship.

Please note that not all students are eligible for the internship option. Contact the Education Advisement Center for further information.

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