Early Childhood and Elementary Education Liasons

Alpine District Location Phone Email
Teresa Leavitt 206-A MCKB (801) 422-7570 teresa_leavitt@byu.edu
Lilly Taylor 206-B MCKB (801) 422-8117 lilly_taylor@byu.edu
Jordan District Location Phone Email
Michael Cowan 201-H MCKB (801) 422-6031 michael_cowan@byu.edu
Nebo District Location Phone Email
Rebecca Hunter     rebecca_hunter@byu.edu
Leslie Loftin 201-V MCKB   leslie_loftin@byu.edu
Provo District Location Phone Email
Cecilia Pincock 206-D MCKB (801) 422-4979 cecelia_pincock@byu.edu
Wasatch District Location Phone Email
Jill Shumway 206-E MCKB (801) 422-4676 jill_shumway@byu.edu
ECE Location Phone Email
Kathie MacKay 206-U MCKB (801) 422-7080 kathie_mackay@byu.edu


Name District Office Email
TBD Alpine 215 MCKB TBD

TESOL K-12 Practicum Coordinator (TELL 442R)

Crystal Jewkes 201-M (801) 422-8360 c_jewkes@byu.edu

*If you are a TESOL K–12 minor and have questions about your student-teaching placement (TELL 442R), please contact your district liaison.

Page updated 12/10/2021