Graduation Convocation Instructions

**Due to COVID-19 public health & safety protocols, there will not be public commencement and convocation exercises for 2020. No decisions have been made about convocation exercises for 2021.**




Brigham Young University holds one graduation ceremony in April. Students who have or will be graduating within a single academic year (e.g. 2020-2021 academic year) are invited to attend the April commencement and convocation ceremony of that academic year. For example; If a student graduates in December 2020, April 2021, June 2021, or August 2021 will participate in the April 2020 convocation.

Graduation ceremonies consist of two events: commencement and convocation. Commencement is the university gathering, which includes all graduating students. Convocation is the gathering of graduating students by college/school after commencement. During convocation each graduate is recognized by name and appears on stage.

The following information pertains to the McKay School of Education convocation:

Request to Walk Form

Standard Graduation Designation

Graduated in:

Walk in:


April (the following)


April (the current)


April (the previous)


April (the previous)

Who should submit a request to walk form:

  • **2021 Convocation Info: Until the university has made a decision regarding 2021 Commencement & Convocation ceremonies, no Request to Walk forms will processed or approved. The EAC will accept the form, but please note that it may not be approved based on state, local, and university criteria for the event** 
  • Graduates who wish to walk in a graduation ceremony in the academic year before their declared graduation date must submit a Request to Walk form.
    • Students graduating in December of the following year can request to walk in the previous April.
    • You must have an active ecclesiastical endorsement for the graduating academic year, submit your graduation application with the university, and submit a Request to Walk form by March 15th.
    • Request to Walk petitions for a year or more in advance will be denied.
  • Graduates who are teaching majors from a college other than the McKay School who wish to walk with the School of Education must submit a Request to Walk form.
  • Graduates from another college who wish to walk with a spouse or other immediate family member from the School of Education must submit a Request to Walk form.
  • Students who do not meet any of the criteria outlined above will not be permitted to walk in the convocation ceremony with the School of Education.
  • **If BYU is conducting virtual ceremonies this year, Request to Walk applicants will not be recognized in the virtual ceremony. They will be recognized in the ceremony corresponding with the academic year they are graduating or with the college they are receiving their degree from.


  • Please bring the completed form to the Education Advisement Center in Room 350 of the David O. McKay Building (MCKB). A hard copy of the Request to Walk Form is available in this office.

Date, Time, and Location of Convocation


Thursday, April 22, 2021

Time: Convocation begins promptly at 2:00 p.m. Undergraduate and master's students must arrive by 1:00 p.m.; doctoral students should arrive no later than 1:15 p.m.

Location: Marriott Center

Instructions for Lining Up - Coming Soon

Baccalaureate, Master's, and Education Specialist Candidates:

Doctoral Candidates:

Instructions for Walking Across the Stage

Baccalaureate, Master's, and Education Specialist Candidates: At the appropriate time, the usher will tell you to move out of your seat and guide you onto the stage. Your name will be read as you walk across the stage to receive your diploma cover from university officials. You will then walk off stage and return to a seat (not necessarily the same seat as before). An usher will direct you as you leave the stage.

Doctoral Candidates: You will be seated on the front row, and at the appropriate time the usher will tell you to move out of your seat and guide you onto the stage. When it is your turn, the reader will announce your name. As your name is read, you will walk up the ramp onto the stage to be hooded, then walk across the stage to receive your diploma cover from university officials. You will then return to your seat on the front row. Please do not wear your cap when being hooded.

Dress Requirements

  • Graduation is a "Sunday best" event. Men should wear dress shirts and ties, and women should wear skirts or dresses. Please ensure skirts/dresses are knee to mid-calf length; do not wear long dresses or slacks that show below the gown. Graduates should wear appropriate dress shoes.
  • Graduates should leave all personal belongings (purses, cameras etc.) with a guest. Graduates will not have permanent seats on which to leave personal items, and personal items should not be carried while crossing the stage.
  • Please do not wear green. Photos of the graduates are taken with a green screen as a backdrop.
  • To order your cap and gown, go to
    • Note: The above link is only active during specific periods of time.
    • Note: Education Specialist Robes are the same as the robes for the Master of Education candidates.


Graduates should wear the tassel on the left side of the cap throughout the exercises except when crossing the stage. At that time you may move the tassel to your right side to give a clear view of your face to the audience and photographer.

Tassel and Hood-trim colors are as follows:

BS degree


BA degree


MS degree


MA degree


MEd/EdS degree

Light blue

EdD/PhD degree

Gold (short)


The cap should be worn on the top of your head with the mortar board parallel to the floor. Please do not wear the cap on the back of your head or at an angle.

Name Cards

If you would like your name read differently from the way it appears on your graduation application on MyBYU, please call the Education Advisement Center at (801) 422-3426 and tell the secretaries how you want your name announced. For example, if the name on your application is your full name, "Jane Ilene Walker Doe," and you want your name announced as "Jane Walker Doe," you need to call and request the change. Calls must be received no later than Monday before graduation.

If your name is often mispronounced, please call the Education Advisement Center and tell the secretaries the proper pronunciation of your name. Calls must be received no later than the Monday before graduation.


A professional photographer will take pictures as graduates shake hands with university administrators. The photographers will make the photos available to each graduate. There is no obligation to buy the photograph.

If friends or family members would like to take a picture as the graduate crosses the stage, the best place to sit is on the south balcony. Guests may not come onto the graduate seating floor to take pictures.


  • No tickets are required for guests to attend the convocation ceremony.
  • Guests must be seated by 1:45 p.m., at which time seats may no longer be saved. Family members may not sit in empty graduate seating; only graduates and faculty are allowed in this area. Seating for individuals with a wheelchair, walker, or special need will be provided in designated areas. Ushers will be at the doors to assist with seating and distribution of programs.
  • If a guest will need special arrangements due to an accessibility need, please contact the event staff at the Marriott Center at (801) 422-6022.
  • If a graduate will need special arrangements due to an accessibility need, please contact the Education Advisement Center at 801-422-3426.
  • We ask guests to withhold applause until each group is finished and an invitation to applaud is given. To maintain a professional and dignified atmosphere, guests should not whistle or make disruptive noises during the convocation ceremony.


Parking will be available in the parking lots around the Marriott Center.


Page updated 10/15/2020

Although the Education Advisement Center makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of the information found on this website, we reserve the right to make changes at any time. Students should regularly consult with their department, college advisement center, the university catalog, and the Education Advisement Center for updates and changes.