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Student Teaching Sites

Guangzhou, China

  • Location: The Clifford School.
  • Cost: BYU tuition, transportation, personal expenses, and utilities.

Houston, Texas

  • Location: Schools in Aldine Independent School District, located 17 miles north of downtown Houston.
  • Cost: BYU tuition, transportation, housing, food, and personal expenses.

Washington, DC

  • Location: DC Public Schools (DCPS).
  • Cost: BYU tuition, transportation, housing, food, and personal expenses.
  • Note: Washington, DC, does not have teaching opportunities in Family and Consumer Sciences Ed.

General Expenses


You will pay regular BYU tuition.


BYU housing applies. The cost is comparable to Provo rent.


You are responsible for food expenses


Current rates vary; all travel is the obligation of the student.


Miscellaneous expenses and local travel are the obligation of the student.


Not applicable

Application Requirements and Deadlines


  • The Student Teaching Application must be filled out and submitted to the Education Advisement Center (350 MCKB) by the deadlines listed below.


For Fall Semester

For Winter Semester

For Spr/Sum Term

China Jan. 15 N/A N/A
Jan. 15
Sept. 15
Washington D.C.
Jan. 15
Sept. 15

Page updated 3/8/2021

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