Information for Student Teaching in the Washington, D.C Area

Secondary and elementary education students seeking an opportunity to teach in an inner-city environment may want to consider student teaching for one semester in Washington, DC. Past student teachers have found this experience to be both rewarding and challenging as they have become personally acquainted with the Washington, DC area, the diverse backgrounds and cultures of the students, and many close-by areas of historic interest.

The student-teaching supervisor in Washington, DC, is a BYU graduate who has lived in the area for many years and taught in the DC public schools. She is knowledgeable, supportive, and dedicated to helping student teachers have a successful experience. In addition to providing seminars, observations, and competent advice, she takes students to see historic sites that an average tourist might miss.

Student expenses for the DC program include regular BYU tuition, airfare, food, housing, transportation to and from school (bus and/or metro), and any other personal expenses. Housing is arranged for single female students at the Crystal Towers Apartment Complex in Crystal City, Virginia. Married students and single male students should contact Nancy Bassett about housing at There are several LDS singles wards in the area, and institute classes are available.

To apply to student teach in Washington, DC, you must do the following:

Page updated 12/8/21