Learning Edge Administrators' Conference


For: K–12 Principals, Administrators, and Teacher Leaders

This annual conference alternates the focus between the arts/arts integration and the instruction of gifted and talented students. Topics include current research and practice to improve instruction for the individual needs of diverse students.

Building an Arts-Rich School: Principal Conversations

principal conversations

For: K–6 Principals and Administrators

Join us for demonstrations and collaborative conversations about creating an arts culture at your school. Topics include: building an arts culture, networking with other principals who value the arts, visiting schools to see great practices, sharing new ideas, learning about arts resources, etc. Recharge your enthusiasm for the arts! Principals who are interested should contact us at artspartnership@byu.edu.

Elementary Principal Resources

building an arts rich school

For: K–6 Principals and Administrators

These resources and materials are designed to help elementary school principals build a school culture that includes the arts, identify and secure resources to support arts-in-education initiatives, improve existing programs, align arts and education research findings with practice, and imagine a robust future for education that includes the arts. We hope they will help principals explore the power and efficacy of arts education initiatives in their schools.

Secondary Principal Resources

Arts Rich School

For: 7–12 Principals and Administrators

These resources and materials provide information on how to optimize the arts programming in secondary schools. They were created in collaboration with Utah's professional arts education organizations. We hope they will increase understanding about how the arts support school goals, and how principals can better support the arts teachers and arts programs in their schools for maximum benefit to their students and community.