arts bridge

What is Arts Bridge?

Arts Bridge is a professional development program sponsored by the BYU ARTS Partnership to provide classroom teachers with an in-depth and practical experience in a selected art form and a residency experience for undergraduate arts-educators. University students (Arts Bridge Scholars) are paired with a classroom teacher to complete an up to/around 50 hours arts-integration project in the classroom. A university faculty mentor is assigned to provide support to both the classroom teacher and Arts Bridge Scholar. The Arts Bridge program follows the model from ArtsBridge America, a national network of similar programs that has been implemented in over 30 universities throughout the United States.

Arts Bridge Scholars are paid to plan and teach lessons, collaborate with the teacher, meet with faculty mentors, document the experience, and travel to and from the school. Projects may include side-by-side teaching, informances, formal performances, multiple subjects, etc. depending on the needs and inspiration that comes from the partnership.

Scheduling of the project is determined by the scholar and classroom teacher’s needs and availability. Arts Bridge Scholars typically need at least one three-hour block of time in their weekly schedule between 8 am and 3 pm for a successful placement.

How to Apply

To apply to be an Arts Bridge Scholar, please complete the online application and submit the required documents to

  • Fill out the application form linked below.
  • Ask a faculty member to fill out the recommendation form (linked below).
  • Email a resume reflecting relevant experience.
  • Email a cover letter regarding your interest in this position.

Apply by April 20th, 2024

Apply to be an Arts Bridge Scholar Here
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