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Arts Integration Endorsement

Drumming Group

The USBE Arts Integration Endorsement is offered through CITES at BYU. This endorsement attaches to an elementary teaching license. The course builds capacity in 6 art forms as well as in integration of the arts across the curriculum. Participants will experience hands-on engaged learning in dance, drama, media arts, music, visual arts, and literary arts with lessons to use with elementary students. Teachers will improve their own skills in the arts as well as learn pedagogy to teach and integrate the arts.

Participants will demonstrate their learning by creating a portfolio, writing reflections, writing papers, creating artifacts and conducting classroom research. Full attendance and participation is required.

Participation is key to learning and full attendance is expected. However, for school required absences such as PT conferences, one absence may be excused each school semester. The second absence results in a grade drop and no credit is awarded with three absences. This is in accordance with university policy for earning university credit.