CITES Statement Title

The BYU–Public School Partnership—comprising five school districts, the BYU colleges of arts and sciences, and the David O. McKay School of Education—exists to simultaneously renew public schools and educator preparation through consistent collaborative inquiry, mutual reflection, and positive change involving both the university and public schools.

We Believe That:

  • public education is the cornerstone of a civil and prosperous democratic community;
  • education is a public imperative, a moral endeavor, and a shared responsibility for all members of society;
  • public schools exist to provide access to education for all, which includes both academic mastery and personal development for the purpose of maximizing students' potential to participate fully and productively in society;
  • the university supports schools by preparing educators who master their disciplines and who understand and implement curriculum and instruction that support their students' learning and development through ongoing research and inquiry leading to dialogue and action that directly benefit schools.

The Partnership is Committed to the Following:

Civic Preparation and Engagement: the Partnership prepares educators who model and teach the knowledge, skills, and dispositions required for civic virtue and engagement in our society.

Engaged Learning Through Nurturing Pedagogy: the Partnership develops educators who are competent and caring and who promote engaged learning through appropriate instructional strategies and positive classroom environments and relationships.

Equitable Access to Academic Knowledge and Achievement: the Partnership develops educators who are committed to and actively provide equitable access to academic knowledge and achievement through rigor and mastery of curriculum content and instructional skills.

Stewardship in School and Community: the Partnership assists educators in becoming responsible stewards in their schools and communities by dedicating themselves to shared purpose, renewal, and high standards of educator competence and learner performance.

Commitment to Renewal: the Partnership fosters in educators a commitment to renewal through consistent inquiry, reflection, and action within their professional practice, resulting in continuous improvement.