The program admits a new cohort of six to ten students each year. Students complete a minimum of 36 semester hours, which includes six hours of electives. The program is designed to be completed in two years.

Classes are offered in the evenings to accommodate teachers’ work schedules during winter and fall semesters. Spring and summer classes are offered during the day and are adjusted to school calendars.

Total Credits: 36





Year 1

CPSE 614

Applied Behavioral Assessment & Intervention (3)

CPSE 673

Single-Case Research Design (3)

CPSE 615

Academic and Behavioral Problem Solving (4)

CPSE 601

Concepts & Principles of Behavior I (3)

Year 2

CPSE 603

Concepts & Principles of Behavior II: Verbal Behavior (3)

CPSE 618

Ethics and Professional Conduct in Behavior Analysis (3)

CPSE 620

Evidence-Based Academic Intervention for RTI (3)

CPSE 628

Supervision and Professional Issues in Applied Behavior Analysis (2)

CPSE 699R Master's Thesis (6)

Students will work with their Faculty Advisory Chair to determine the optimal  
semesters/terms to register for these classes, according to their individual situation

Required Courses (30 semester hours)

CPSE 601—Concepts & Principles of Behavior I (3 total credits)

CPSE 603—Concepts & Principles of Behavior II (3 total credits)

CPSE 614—Behavioral Assessment & Intervention (3 total credits)

CPSE 615—Academic and Behavioral Problem Solving (4 total credits)

CPSE 618—Ethics and Professional Conduct in Behavior Analysis (3 total credits)

CPSE 620—Evidence-Based Academic Intervention for RTI (3 total credits)

CPSE 628—Supervision and Professional Issues in Applied Behavior Analysis (2 total credits)

CPSE 673—Single-Case Research Design (3 total credits)

CPSE 699R—Master’s Thesis (6 total credits)

Recommended Electives (6 semester hours needed)

CPSE 611 Special Education Law (Winter; 1.5, term-length)

CPSE 613 Autism Spectrum Disorders (Spring; 1-3 variable)

CPSE 690 Seminar in Special Education - Transition (Winter; 3)

CPSE 697R Special Problems & Projects (Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer; 4)