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The Counseling Psychology program core faculty include full-time faculty from the Department of Counseling Psychology and Special Education and assigned faculty from the BYU Counseling and Career Center who hold a joint appointment with CPSE. Other licensed psychologists from campus and the community teach specialty classes as appropriate.

Full-time PhD Core Faculty - CPSE

Allen, G. E. Kawika, PhD, University of Missouri, 2011. Associate Professor. Multicultural psychology, counseling/psychotherapy process and outcome, religiosity/spirituality, psychological well-being/adjustment, specifically among Polynesians. (

Fischer, Lane, PhD, University of Minnesota, 1991. Associate Professor. Adoption and foster care, school psychology, child and adolescent psychotherapy, ethics in counseling psychology. (

Gabrielsen, Terisa P., PhD, University of Utah, 2012. Associate Professor. School Psychology Core Faculty. Autism, ADHD, interdisciplinary assessment and intervention, health care and education, gifted education. (

Jackson, Aaron P., PhD, University of Missouri, 1993. Associate Professor and Director of Training. Career development of Native Americans, counseling philosophy and theory. (

Smith, Timothy B., PhD, Utah State University, 1997. Professor. Family psychology, human trafficking prevention, faith and spirituality, social and health psychology, quality relationships. (

Young, Ellie L., PhD, University of South Florida, 2001. Associate Professor. Gender issues in education, self-concept, middle school education. (

Joint Appointment - Clinical Faculty

Fisher, Adam, PhD, Indiana University, 2015. Assistant Clinical Professor and Psychologist, SDS.Sex therapy, couple therapy, premarital and relationship education, spirituality, parenting, supervision. (

Hansen, Kristina, PhD, Brigham Young University, 2012.  Associate Clinical Professor, CAPS.  Individual and group psychotherapy, training and supervision, theory and philosophy of counseling, issues of power and privilege.  (

Nielsen, Lars, PhD, University of Washington, 1984. Clinical Professor, CAPS. Practice-oriented psychotherapy outcome research, spirituality and psychotherapy outcomes, links between theories of psychotherapy and psychotherapy practice—specific interventions and general psychotherapeutic factors (

Spjut, Kersti, Ph.D., Brigham Young University, 2017. Assistant Clinical Professor. Perfectionism and anxiety, sex therapy, body image, and diabetes management. (

Worthen, Vaughn E., PhD, University of Kansas, 1993. Clinical Professor and Psychologist, CAPS. Career counseling, compassion focused therapy, counseling supervision. (