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Alessandro Rosborough

Alessandro Rosborough


Associate Professor

Contact Information

Office: 206 P MCKB

Phone: 801-422-1266


My family and I are immigrants from Roma, Italia, and I have enjoyed being raised in America. I enjoy working as a teacher educator focusing on teaching and research concerning second language teaching and learning, sociocultural theory, gesture and language, critical and transformative educational issues. I am pleased to promote the equitable access and support of minority language students.

Sociocultural Theory and Second Language Learning and Development; Dual Language Immersion teaching and content; Ecological/Eco-social learning and development;

Vygotskian Sociocultural Theory and Gesture; Applied Linguistics; Second Language teaching and learning; Gesture and second language learning; Embodied Learning; Ecosocial Second Language Learning

  • Experiential Learning Grant (Rejected) — 2020–2021
    • Sponsor: BYU - MSE
    • Research Assistantship & Travel ($11,800) for data gathering, research analyses and presentations
  • President's Innovation Fund Research-Practice Partnership (PIF-RPP — 2020
    • Sponsor: Brigham Young University
    • Applied - rejected
  • Visiting Scholar Grant — 2012–2013
    • Sponsor: McKay School of Education - BYU
    • Applied (2011) for visiting scholar grant to invite Steve McCafferty to visit. One visit will be in conjunction with the SCT & SLL Working Group conference.

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