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Faculty: Dallin Bailey


Dallin Bailey


Associate Professor



Contact Information


Phone: 801-422-3876


Brief Biography

Dr. Bailey joined the Communication Disorders faculty at BYU in June 2022. He previously was an assistant professor at Auburn University for six years. He received a Bachelor of Arts in English Language from BYU, Cum Laude and with University Honors. He received a Master of Science in Communication Disorders from BYU in 2013. He studied received his doctorate from the University of Utah in 2016.

Teaching Interests

My teaching interests include phonetics, acquired cognitive communication disorders, aphasia, motor speech disorders, and augmentative and alternative communication.

Research Interests

My research interests revolve around assessment and management of aphasia and apraxia of speech, including speech motor learning strategies, mental practice, and single-subject research design.


NIDCD Student Fellowship and Travel Award

2015 NIDCD Symposium at the Clinical Aphasiology Conference

2015 - Present

Undergraduate ORCA Mentoring Grant

BYU Office of Research and Creative Activities

2010 - Present

NIDCD Student Fellowship and Travel Award

2014 NIDCD Symposium at the Clinical Aphasiology Conference

2014 - Present

Selected Publications

Implementation of an automated grading tool for phonetic transcription training

  • Authors: Speights Atkins, Marisha; Bailey, Dallin; Seals, Cheryl

Use of Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation for Swallowing Habilitation in High-Risk Infants: A Survey of Clinical Practice

  • Authors: Bustamante, Deborah; Plumb, Allison; Bailey, Dallin; Sandage, Mary

An Automated Tool for Comparing Phonetic Transcriptions

  • Authors: Bailey, Dallin; Speights Atkins, Marisha; Mishra, Ishaan; Li, Sicheng; Luan, Yaoxuan; Seals, Cheryl

Speech exemplar and evaluation database (SEED) for clinical training in articulatory phonetics and speech science

  • Authors: Speights Atkins, Marisha; Bailey, Dallin; Boyce, Suzanne

An Aphasia Treatment for Verbs With Low Concreteness: A Pilot Study

  • Authors: Bailey, Dallin; Nessler, Christina; Berggren, Kiera; Wambaugh, Julie

Reliability and stability of the metrical stress effect on segmental production accuracy in persons with apraxia of speech

  • Authors: Bailey, Dallin; Bunker, Lisa; Mauszycki, Shannon; Wambaugh, Julie

At the Intersection of Applied Sciences: Integrated Learning Models in Computer Science and Software Engineering and Communication Disorders

  • Authors: Speights Atkins, Marisha; Seals, Cheryl; Bailey, Dallin

Acquired Velopharyngeal Dysfunction: Survey, Literature Review, and Clinical Recommendations

  • Authors: Guyton, Kelsey; Sandage, Mary; Bailey, Dallin; Haak, Nancy; Molt, Lawrence; Plumb, Allison

Acquired Apraxia of Speech: The Relationship Between Awareness of Errors in Word Productions and Treatment Outcomes

  • Authors: Mauscycki, Shannon; Bailey, Dallin; Wambaugh, Julie

Effects of Blocked and Random Practice Schedule on Outcomes of Sound Production Treatment for Acquired Apraxia of Speech: Results of a Group Investigation

  • Authors: Wambaugh, Julie; Nessler, Christina; Wright, Sandra; Mauszycki, Shannon; DeLong, Catharine; Berggren, Kiera; Bailey, Dallin

Quantification and Systematic Characterization of Stuttering-Like Disfluencies in Acquired Apraxia of Speech

  • Authors: Bailey, Dallin; Blomgren, Michael; DeLong, Catharine; Berggren, Kiera; Wambaugh, Julie

Combined aphasia and apraxia of speech treatment (CAAST): Systematic replications in the development of a novel treatment

  • Authors: Wambaugh, Julie; Wright, Sandra; Mauszycki, Shannon; Nessler, Christina; Bailey, Dallin

Self-Judgments of Word Production Accuracy in Acquired Apraxia of Speech

  • Authors: Wambaugh, Julie; Shuster, Linda; Bailey, Dallin; Mauscycki, Shannon; Kean, Jacob; Nessler, Christina; Wright, Sandra; Brunsvold, Jessica

Bidirectional Interference between Speech and Non-Speech Tasks in Younger, Middle-Aged, and Older Adults

  • Authors: Bailey, Dallin; Dromey, Christopher

Sound Production Treatment: Synthesis and Quantification of Outcomes

  • Authors: Bailey, Dallin; Eatchel, Kelly; Wambaugh, Julie