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Isaac Calvert

Isaac Calvert


Assistant Professor

Contact Information

Office: 306R MCKB

Phone: 408-896-6065


I was born and raised in San Jose, California and fell in love with music pretty early on (jazz piano, choir nerdiness, etc.). Then I came to BYU, went on a mission to the Dominican Republic and found out there were things other than music in life (who knew?). Long story short, I went to the Jerusalem Center and got really into teaching (still figuring it out, by the way). When I graduated, I did my first PhD in Instructional Psychology and Technology, I apprenticed under a violinmaker for 2 years for my dissertation, studying his teaching methods in an apprenticeship environment. Then I did a doctoral degree at Oxford where I did fieldwork in Jerusalem to study how Orthodox Jews treat teaching and learning as a sacred act.

I like teaching about the history and philosophy of education - not just so that you know about them, but so that you know how to teach and learn in a way that is more deeply and richly informed by cultures, civilizations and religious traditions around the world and throughout history (especially in antiquity).

My research is about how different cultures, religious traditions and civilizations treat teaching and learning as a sacred activity.

Education and the Sacred: Judaic Holiness and the Dynamics of Teaching and Learning



Pages: 206

Date: 2018


A Process for the Critical Analysis of Instructional Theory

Publisher: Springer

Volume: 62

Issue: 5

Pages: 571-582

Journal: Educational Technology Research and Development