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Sterling Clint Hilton

Sterling Clint Hilton


Associate Professor

Contact Information

Office: 306-G MCKB

Phone: 801-422-6666


Decreased symptoms without augmented skin blood flow in subjects with RLS/WED after vibration treatment

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Change of International Restless Legs Syndrome Study Group Rating Scale subscales with treatment and placebo - a pilot study

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Neurophysiological reflex mechanisms do not contribute to the success of PNF stretches (PO-144-RR-TH)



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Neurophysiological reflex mechanisms' lack of contribution to the success of PNF stretches

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Neurophysiological reflex mechanisms do not contribute to the success of pnf stretches

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Long-Distance Interval Training Following Pre-Cooling with an Ice Vest

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Sociocultural Aspects of Russian-Speaking Parents' Choice of Language of Instruction for Their Children in Estonia: Parental Choice and Language of Instruction Policies and Practices in Estonia

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Effects of the Rate of Force Development on Fatigue Onset and Location

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Reciprocal inhibition, successive inhibition, autogenic inhibition, or stretch perception alteration: why do PNF stretches work?

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