At the BYU McKay School of Education, our inspiration is Jesus Christ, the Master Teacher. We educate for eternity, knowing that every person is a child of God with a divine nature and destiny.

Learning, for us, is life-giving—it’s why McKay School students commit to serving in challenging and noble professions, and why McKay School faculty dedicate themselves to being leading scholars, outstanding teachers, and role models of living the gospel.

As faculty, staff, and administrators, we devote our minds and spirits to our work, so we can nurture the full potential in others—for the benefit of the world.

How You Can Help

Your donation to the following areas is greatly needed


Scholarships for student teachers and interns

Funds are prioritized to provide full-tuition scholarships for elementary, early childhood, and special education majors during their capstone student teaching semester since they are unlikely to have outside employment.

Scholarships for students in school counseling and counseling psychology

School psychology EdS (master’s level) students prepare to work in K–12 schools and are specially trained to address critical care issues including suicide prevention, treatment for depression and anxiety, self-harm, and other similar issues.

Counseling psychology PhD students prepare to work in university counseling centers, academic departments, or independent practice in the critical role of treating today’s mental and emotional health concerns, in many cases keeping individuals alive.

Scholarships for students in communication disorders

Communication disorders master’s students are studying to become speech-language pathologists, licensed to treat a variety of conditions including aphasia, autism, cleft palate, speech sound disorders, stuttering, traumatic brain injury and more in schools, hospitals, and private care.

Funding for inspiring learning

A Smiling Graduate

In conjunction with the university’s Inspiring Learning initiative, the McKay School is providing students with life-changing learning opportunities through mentoring, experiential learning, and innovative teaching.