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Master's Program

Masters Graduation Requirements

  • 40 credits
    • 21 credits of core courses
    • 9 credits of specialized courses
    • 3 credits of internship
    • 6 credits of thesis or project work
    • 1 credit of seminar
  • Specialization/Track: Each master’s student must also deepen and develop their expertise through completing an additional 9 credit hours of coursework. These specializations should contribute to the specific track the student chooses to pursue.
  • Internship: Master's students are required to register for a minimum of 3 credit hours of internship. To meet this requirement students may register for 3 credit hours of IP&T 599R during any semester or term.
  • Thesis/Project Work: Master’s students must complete a total of 6 hours of master’s project or thesis credit in order to graduate. These credits may be taken over a period of one or two semesters, as the student prepares the prospectus, conducts the project, and writes the report. It is important to keep in mind that students must be registered for at least 2 hours of project credit or other program coursework and/or pay the equivalent registration fee the semester they plan to graduate. Master’s project or thesis registration must be done by Add Codes that are available from the department secretary.

Oral exam: The Final Oral Examination should be scheduled with the department secretary. An oral exam may take from one to four hours, but typically lasts about two hours.

See the Master’s Student Handbook for further details.