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Instructional Psychology and Technology Student Organization (IPTSO)

The official description of the organization’s purpose, relationship to the department and university, and policies regarding its officers and operation.

IPTSO Charter

Welcome to IPTSO! As a student in this program, you are automatically a member of the department’s student organization. We hope you feel at home here.

IPTSO has anywhere from five to seven officers, which you will vote on in September. The IPTSO officers meet weekly, and our meetings are open; we appreciate the input of anyone who would like to attend. We also encourage you to be an IPTSO officer. You may think it’s too soon when you’re so new in the program, but it’s actually a great way to get involved.

We plan many events throughout the year: opening and closing socials, movie nights (where we geek out about education and design movies), Dinner with a Designer events, and professional development workshops. Every Wednesday at noon during the fall and winter semesters there is a guest speaker in a seminar. IPTSO also organizes the weekly IPTSO Soup Kitchen after the seminar in the IP&T grad lab. This is a great time to network with your peers, professors, and professionals in the field—and there’s food! (Can’t get any better than that.) The IPTSO Soup Kitchen is made possible by every student and faculty volunteering to bring soup, rolls, or dessert a few times in the semester, so we encourage you to do that as well.

Beyond planning events, IPTSO also does some behind-the-scenes work to improve your graduate experience. We maintain a calendar in the IPT grad lab for your viewing pleasure. Our duties in this regard are actually pretty flexible, according to what ideas we have and what ideas you give us. So if you ever think, Man, IPTSO should really do ___, you should write it down and put it in our suggestion box. We’re here to help, and we hope you enjoy your time here.